Cass County Circuit Court Lawyers

Cass County Circuit Court is known as the 17th Judicial Circuit of Missouri at Cass County.  It handles all non-federal cases that go through Cass County, Missouri.  These include auto accidents, wrongful deaths product liability actions, drug errors, and even appeals from the municipal departments.

Even the city municipal courts of Cass County can be appealed through Cass County Circuit Court.  This is highly infrequently done, but is a possibility.

Where is Cass County County Circuit Court?

17th Judicial Circuit of Missouri, Cass County at Harrisonville
2501 West Mechanic Street
Harrisonville, MO  64701
Telephone #  816/380-8227
Fax #  816/380-8225

What is Cass County Circuit Court’s Website Address?

Circuit Clerk Courts


Cass County Rules and Filing Information

Cass County Court Divisions

There are five (5) divisions within Cass County Circuit Court.  Each division is headed by a separate judge.  Presently, there are two circuit judges and three associate circuit judges.

Cass County Circuit Court Clerk

The Circuit Clerk of Cass County in Missouri handles the administrative tasks for the court.  The Clerk’s Office is located on the 1st floor of the Cass County courthouse on the western side.  Turn right after you come in the front doors.  The circuit clerk’s office is divided between the probate divisions, circuit court divisions, and associate circuit court divisions.

Will my case be in Cass County Circuit Court?

If you have a personal injury or wrongful death matter that occurred in Cass County, the proper jurisdiction is Cass County Circuit Court.  There are some instances where contractual disputes and other types of matters may take your case to a court location out of Cass County Circuit Court even though the damages were sustained within Cass County.  However, if you have been harmed or a loved one has been killed within the boundaries of Cass County Missouri, expect that the case will be heard in Cass County Circuit Court.

Does Court Location Matter?   How different is Cass County, from other courts?

The Court in which your will be decided is a critical distinction in the result you will obtain.  Imagine it this way; there is a decision to be made, you want to know what the decision will be.  What is one of the first questions you must ask?  That is; who will be making the decision.

In court, case decisions are made by two types of persons, (1) Judges, and (2) Juries.  Look at any election, any poll, any competition.  People think differently from one another.  So, the decision in your case will depend, not upon what you think “ought to,” or “should” happen, or even what you may think is “fair.”  The result in your case will depend upon what the judge and jury thinks is right. They are, unfortunately … not you.

This is where your Cass County attorney comes in.  This is not so much a situation where the local attorney is “buddies” with the judge and there will be some kind of back-door agreement to benefit you.  That’s pretty much just in the movies.  Rather, pick an attorney who regularly practices in Cass County, is regularly before the judges, on the particular kind of case you have.

What is the benefit of this?  The attorney will then know the Court’s priorities, the best way in which to present the case and your evidence.  Think of someone you know.  Now, think of trying to convince them of something you want.  Wouldn’t you present your request taking in mind how this person thinks?  So is it true with case presentation.  Don’t waste your time arguing about issues the judge does not care about, or worse, offending the court.  Rather, fight the battles you can win, avoid the fights you will lose, and you are likely to be the winner.  This is a critical advantage of an attorney familiar with your court.

Experience and Success

The lawyers at Hamilton and Associates have been handling Cass County Circuit Court cases since 1969.   There pretty much is not a two or three day period where we are not in Cass County Court for one case or another.  This is our home.

We have the best success of any law firm in Cass County.  It is normal for Kansas City and Jackson County law firms to seek out our specific knowledge and experience when they’re facing Cass County court.

When deciding upon an attorney, it is not only important to choose the best but also the best for your particular type of case.  Frankly, you may call our law firm and we might refer you to someone better situated to handle your case.  Even in that situation, your efforts of calling have paid off.  You know you’ve gone to the best lawyer, even when it is not us.

If you have Cass County case, you will likely need a Cass County lawyer.  If you have an injury or death case, you will need an injury or death lawyer.  The lawyers at Hamilton and Associates are Cass County personal injury and death attorneys.  Contact us or call 816-540-4040 we will be happy to discuss the details of your particular case.