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The personal injury lawyers at out Lee’s Summit law offices serve the entire Kansas City area.  We help people who have suffered a personal injury.  We use all our specialized expertise to:

  • Pay past medical bills
  • Get personal injury compensation to pay for future medical treatment
  • Reimburse your loss of wages
  • Compensate you for pain and suffering
  • Help you with temporary personal injury limitations
  • Recover damages for your lifelong disabilities

Our Lee’s Summit personal injury attorneys have handled injury lawsuits since 1969.  We know what must be done.  We will aggressively work your case to make you whole again.  We’ll help correct what caused your personal injury so others won’t be injured as well.

Personal injury claims typically involve a large insurance company that wishes to keep as much money in its own hands.  This is done by paying as little on personal injury cases as is possible.  This benefits the insurance company’s stockholders, but that rise in company value is made at a cost to the innocent personal injury victim.  This limits the victim’s ability to pay for medical bills, seek future treatment and get by on a day to day basis.  Our Lee’s Summit personal  injury law firm creates justice by getting you the money compensation you are entitled to under Missouri law.

Dangerous conditions can seriously personal injury and disable people who are invited to be on property.  Every property owner has a responsibility to take reasonable action to make their land safe.  The personal injury attorneys at Hamilton & Associates are experienced in litigating serious personal injury premises liability cases. Our diligence, attention to detail and expertise with premises liability cases will benefit you.

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Benefits of Calling Us for Kansas City Personal Injury Cases

  • We’ll get you compensation to pay medical bills.
  • Stop harassment by medical bill collectors.
  • We’ll work with the insurance companies so you don’t have to.
  • Reduce the amount of your medical bills.
  • Take care of liens on your property.
  • Help save your credit score.
  • We’ll get you compensation for future medical treatment and disability.
  • Expert legal advice for all your questions and issues.
  • We do the work so you don’t have to.

Personal Injury cases should only be handled by injury attorneys with specific experience in the personal injury field. We have successfully managed cases where the person with a personal injury thought little or nothing could be done. We have recovered money for medical bills, wage loss, permanent disability, death, future medical costs, loss of ability to earn future income, mileage costs, and money to compensate injured persons for their suffering. The personal injury lawyers at Hamilton & Associates also handle cases involving auto accidents, slip or trip-and-fall accidents, cases involving failure to provide adequate security, and other liability claims against property owners and businesses. We are experts in products liability personal injury lawsuits.  We have successfully resolved claims against a number of local theme parks, hotels, and retail stores where these property owners have failed to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition.

Frequently Asked Kansas City Personal Injury Case Questions:

  1. Why do I need an personal injury lawyer?  The insurance company offered to pay my medical bills.
  2. My friend knows a lawyer that his family used several years ago. Why can’t that lawyer represent me in my personal injury case in Lee’s Summit?
  3. What should I look for in choosing a property injury lawyer to represent me in my personal injury case?
  4. How can I afford an personal injury lawyer? I still owe for the medical bills and other costs.
  5. Will I have to pay money for your injury law firm to get started?
  6. I hear it is expensive to bring personal injury cases?  Who pays for the out-of-pocket expenses?
  7. What the value of my personal injury case?
  8. I am against filing a lawsuit. Is there a way to get compensation for my personal injury claim without actually filing a lawsuit?
  9. Will my case go to trial if we do have to file suit?
  10. The news tells me that jury awards are more conservative than they used to be.  I also hear about these property owners having to pay millions of dollars and lising their homes.  Which story is true?
  11. How much notice will I get before my personal injury case is settled?
  12. How long will it take before my personal injury attorneys and I go to trial?
  13. What is a deposition?

Answers to Kansas City Personal Injury Case Questions:

1. Why do I need an personal injury lawyer? The insurance company offered to pay my medical bills.

You’ll want to talk with one of our personal injury attorneys regarding what, if anything, may be missed.  We have decades of experience in personal injury lawsuits.  We may be able to anticipate costs that the insurance company anticipates and wants to get out of paying you for.

The Lee’s Summit personal injury attorneys at our law firm work.  Our goal is to get you full payment for what you may be out.  There may be future medical costs.  It is normal to have a wage loss and property loss in addition to medical bills for a personal injury.  The insurance company is not offering you that amount of money out of the kindness of its heart.  In nearly all personal injury cases, parties represented by attorneys get more (even after attorney’s fees and costs) than they would get without a Lee’s Summit personal injury lawyer.

Peace of mind is important to many people.  Victims don’t want to have to wonder whether they were taken advantage of by an insurance company in a settlement.  You want to know what you got was fair.  Our personal injury lawyers will be straight with you; you’ll know.

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2. My friend knows a lawyer his family used several years ago. Why can’t that lawyer represent me in my Lee’s Summit injury case?

That lawyer certainly can represent you in your personal injury claim in Lee’s Summit.  Whether using that other lawyer is wise is another matter.  That depends upon the lawyer.

Experience:  Personal injury cases, such as slip and fall cases take a great deal of experience to properly handle.  You will want to form an opinion regarding the injury attorney you select regarding whether they have the specific experience for your case.

Success:  Cases involving injuries on property are difficult.  Some attorneys have great ability and win big awards; their clients are fully compensated.  Other attorneys . . . have less success.  Their clients have losses that are uncompensated.  Separate from hiring an attorney with personal injury experience in Lee’s Summit, you’ll want to choose an attorney with a record of success.

Local knowledge:  The best, most experienced attorney in the world in your particular personal injury case is not the best choice if that lawyer doesn’t know “the lay of the land,” specifically Lee’s Summit and Jackson County, Missouri.  Different Judges make different decisions (in otherwise the same situation) just because they are different people.  Our lawyers have a great deal of knowledge and experience with those judges.  We are “dialed in.”  That will help in knowing how to argue your case.  It gives us an advantage over attorneys from other areas.

Our injury lawyers grew up in, live in and know the people of eastern Jackson County.  We know how those jurors behave, what they respond to, and what they do not respond to.  Hiring the injury law firm that knows the local jury gives you an advantage.

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3. What should I look for in choosing a property injury attorney to represent me?

Choose the lawyer you like and have confidence in.  Whether it is someone at our injury law firm or another attorney, it is your case, your life and you’ll have to like with the result, so it should be your choice.  Take you time, don’t be pressured by friends, relatives or advertisements.  You’ve got the necessary experience to hire the right lawyer for you.  Here are a few tips that may help:

Specific Experience in Personal Injury Property Cases:       I know many lawyers that are compentent in their area of practice and can “talk a great game,” but lack experience in the field.  You will know the difference.  Here is how to tell.  The lawyer without actual experience will be unable to give you details on matters than an experienced attorney will know.  Take the time; talk to who you are considering.  Experience in personal injury cases is important for a lawyer because this is a technical area of the law.  There are many many ways to handle a case wrong.  Just because most attorneys do it a certain way does not make it right.  Remember, in a race, only one runner did it exactly right.  The other’s did not win.  Choose experience in personal injury cases specifically.

Legal experience in Lee’s Summit and Jackson County, Missouri courts: If you want to win an argument, there is no substitute for really knowing who you are arguing to.  Most injury attorneys do not regularly appear in court.  Most personal injury lawyers do not have extensive experience in trial.  It is hard to really know how to argue to a Judge or a jury in Jackson County or Lee’s Summit without specific and extensive experience with our area.

Look for Success: This will be easy to see.  Remember, it is not about being shallow.  Personal injury property cases are expensive.  You will need an attorney who can afford to hire the right experts for your case.  You will need an injury attorney who will not skip on taking a deposition that will help your case because of cost issues.  These are subtle details taht can make the difference between winning and losing.

Choose who you personally have Confidence in:  You have spent your life dealing with people, forming opinions about people, remembering how your trust was rewarded.  Most people are good at evaluating people.  Trust your own instincts; generally, they’ll be right.

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4. How can I afford an injury lawyer?   I still owe money for medical bills and other costs.

You don’t have to pay a personal injury property lawyer up front.  Use the moeny you have for your own bills.  Our law firm only gets paid if you get paid.

Cases that arise because property was unreasonably dangerous cause serious personal injury.  It is normal to have orthopedic surgeon bills and medical costs from specialty doctors.  It is normal to have medical bills that are very large.  This is why people look into hiring a personal injury attorney.  You’ll need all the money you have for your own costs.  Our injury law firm fronts the costs of the lawsuit for you.  That way, if your Lee’s Summit bills need paid; you won’t have to worry about paying your lawyer first.

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5. Will I have to pay money for your law firm to get started?

No. Cases where an injury occurs on private property are handled by our law firm on a contingency fee basis.  This means that we only get paid if we succeed in getting you money.  We only get paid at the end of the process.  We front the money for your personal injury case in the meantime.

Our injury lawyers will typically visit the scene of the injury, gather the evidence that is appropriate, take photographs and video if it is helpful.  We will pay to get your medical records and bills.  You will not have to.  We will front the cost to hire experts in your case; you will not have to.  We will pay for the trial exhibits up front.  That way, your personal injury case will proceed on schedule, in the right way.  You pay nothing unless we recover money for you and your family.

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6. I hear it is expensive to bring slip and fall and other dangerous property cases.   Who pays for the out-of-pocket expenses?

Yes.  It is expensive to bring personal injury cases where the victim is injured on dangerous property.  Medical bills and medical records can cost thousands of dollars.  Depositions cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the type of testimony.  Exhibits are expensive and necessary.  Experts can charge retainers over ten thousand dollars each.  Dangerous property cases involving personal injury are expensive.

Our law firm pays for the up front out-of-pocket expenses.  This is one aspect that sets our injury law firm apart from other lawyers.  We have the capital and regularly pay for these expenses.  We don’t require our clients to pay up front costs.  We don’t skimp to save money.

The difference between getting full reimbursement for the personal injury client and losing is small.  Cutting corners kills lawsuits.  Paying for the needed costs is key to best practice trial litigation.

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7. What is my personal injury case worth?

That depends.  You really need to get the evidence together and talk with one of our injury attorneys to get a clear estimate.

Personal injury cases that arise from dangerous property are more difficult and are more of an area of specialty than nearly any other area of personal injury law.  This is because people are very skeptical of these types of cases.  Dangerous property cases require the lawyer to take extra care in establishing fault.  The injury attorney further needs to differentiate the case from the juror’s own experiences.  Jury members will be nervous that the same type of case could happen to them, or a relative, friend or acquaintance.  It is especially important for the injury lawyer to be an expert in overcoming these obstacles.

The only way to accurately evaluate you case to determine its value is to (1) pick an attorney with extensive and specific experience and success in dangerous property personal injury work, (2) gather the evidence regarding who is at fault, why, and your damages, and (3) sit down and discuss the injury case in detail with that lawyer.  Obviously, the better information and evidence that is available, the more accurate the estimate the attorney can give.

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8. I am against filing a lawsuit.   Is there any way my claim can be resolved without actually filing a lawsuit?

Yes.  Your dangerous property injury case can be settled through negotiations with the property owner and their insurance company.  Our injury law firm is known for doing an excellent job at pre-suit negotiation tactics and follow through.

Remember, in many cases, it is not possible to settle a dangerous property personal injury claim prior to a lawsuit for the money you want.  That is simply a fact of the industry.  Insurance companies know that a certain number of people making an injury claim will drop out over time.  People die, families move, people get distracted by the multitude of other issues life brings up.  For this reason, our law firm has witnessed many injury defense insurance claims departments and personal injury defense lawyers that regularly stall for time.  One of these tactics is refusing to settle for a reasonable amount without a lawsuit on file.  Insisting on settling your dangerous property personal injury case before the filing of the lawsuit may be at the cost of full recovery to you.

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9. Will my case go to trial if we do have to file suit?

Probably not.  Personal injury cases generally settle before trial.  Sadly, injury cases that arise from dangerous property conditions go to trial more than any other type of lawsuit (except medical malpractice cases).  This is because juries are generally sceptical of property injury cases.

The news is constantly making villians of attorneys that bring these cases.  Worse, the media is critical of the victims of the dangerous condition.  While this is wrong, it makes for difficult work for the attorney and when an insurance company believes that the attorney making the claim is inexperienced or will not succeed, a jury trial in your personal injury case is more likely.  Still, on the whole, most cases do settle.

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10. I hear news stories that jury awards are more conservative than they used to be.  I have also heard about property owners that have had to pay millions of dollars, or lost their home. Which story is true?

Missouri generally and Jackson County specifically releases detailed information on each and every jury verdict that occurs here.  In our nearly half a century of experience, we have never heard of a property owner having to pay millions of dollars for a slip and fall on his property.  We have never heard of a single property owner that lost his house because of a lawsuit.  Indeed, there are laws that protect against this.

Personal injury claims made by lawyers nearly always go after only the proprty insurance.  This means that the property owner does not pay a single dime out-of-pocket.  The stories to the contrary seem to be Urban Legends.

It is true, however, that juries are more conservative now than in earlier times.  This is in part to the types of stories detailed above.  Because of this, choosing the right personal injury attorney for a dangerous property case has become paramount.

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11. Will you speak with me before settling my case?

Yes.  We will write you a letter detailing every offer that is made in your case.  We will give you our experienced opinion regarding whether the offer should be accepted, rejected and the details of any counter-offer.

We will have detailed meetings before your case is settled.  Any questions you may have will be answred in advance.  We are here to help you.

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12. How long will it take before we go to trial?

One to two years is typical for Lee’s Summit cases in Jackson County.  The specific persiod of time betweent he filing of your injury suit and the trial date will depend on how busy your specific court will be, and how much litigation occurs.

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13. What is a deposition?

It is typical for the parties in any case to give their deposition in a case.  For the injured party’s deposition, they will be in our law office.  A court reporter will be there to take down the testimony word-for-word.  One of our personal injury attorneys familiar with your case will be there, right by your side to answer any of your questions, to object to any improper questions or conduct and to generally help your case.

Depositions are also taken in personal injury cases of various other witnesses and experts.  These people include any witnesses to the incident, your physician, and the defendant themself.

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