Lone Jack, Missouri Traffic Ticket Lawyers

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  • Cost
  • Success Rate

Who is the Best Lawyer for a Lone Jack, Missouri Municipal Court Traffic Ticket?

The lawyers at Hamilton & Associates are the best lawyers for Lone Jack Municipal Court traffic tickets for a number of advantages that no other law firm can boast.

  • Location – Hamilton and Associates is located in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, just south of Lone Jack Municipal Court.  Our drive time is less than other attorneys.  This translates to lower costs, and savings for you
  • Experience – The attorneys at Hamilton & Associates handle a greater volume of citations at Lone Jack Municipal Court than other attorneys.  This added experience benefits those with Lone Jack Municipal Court traffic tickets.
  • Success rate – The attorneys at the Hamilton Law Firm keep Lone Jack Municipal Court tickets off of one’s criminal record, off of one’s driving record, save you points off your license, and save you money.
  • Cost – Our “economics of scale” through our added volume of tickets as well as our lower driving time results in lower costs for you, the defendant.

Where is Lone Jack Municipal Court?

Lone Jack Municipal Court is just east of Lee’s Summit, Missouri on 50 Highway just east of 7 Highway, but before the Lafayette County line.

207 N. Bynum Road
Lone Jack, MO 6407
Telephone #: 816/697-2911 Ext. #1
Fax#: 816/697-8841
E-mail of Court Clerk:    lonejackmo.org

What is Lone Jack Municipal Court’s Website Address?

Court Dockets

Municipal Court

Lone Jack MO

Do I need an Attorney for my Lone Jack Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence Charge?

You need an attorney such as at Hamilton & Associates Law Firm for your DWI case.  You need to avoid a conviction that would be on your criminal and driving record.  You need to avoid the driver’s license ramifications.

Driving under the influence charges are complex and you will need a guide such as one of our attorneys to help you navigate the process.

How do I defend my Lone Jack Municipal Court Driving While Suspended or Revoked Ticket?

Driving while suspended charges are the second most expensive traffic ticket one can get.  A conviction for DWR will suspend your driver’s license.  It could permanently be on your criminal record.  It may permanently appear on your driving record.  It will raise insurance rates.

All of these matters should be avoided through using an attorney such as those at the Hamilton & Associates Law Firm.

The best way to benefit yourself is to seek and gain reinstatement of your driver’s license.  Although this is not possible in many cases, you will want to do this.  It increases the likelihood of a successful resolution.  Moreover, it will reduce your costs through fines.

What About My Auto Accident in Lone Jack Municipal Court?

If you have insurance at the time it will be important to get a letter from your insurance carrier indicating the damages have been taken care of.  Call our office and bring in a copy of your Lone Jack Municipal Court traffic accident ticket as well as your insurance information.

Every automobile accident presents different circumstances and facts.  A prosecutor will approach a different type of accident differently.  This is where our experience comes in.  Call us and we can discuss the details.  This is especially true in injury car accidents.