Why are Hamilton & Associates The Best Lawyers for Lee’s Summit Municipal Court?

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Do I need a Lawyer for a Lee’s Summit Municipal Court Traffic Ticket?

Lee’s Summit Municipal Court handles misdemeanor and municipal offenses handed out by the Lee’s Summit Municipal Police Department. These include cases like speeding, careless and imprudent driving, a car accident, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, no insurance, and driving while intoxicated.

These offenses will always be better handled by a Lee’s Summit attorney. The cases can generally be kept off your criminal record, kept off your driving record, avoid jail time, and avoid points off your driver’s license.

What are the advantages of Hamilton & Associates in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court?

  1. Professionalism: Our attorneys know the law. Joe Hamilton has been resolving Lee’s Summit traffic ticket and criminal cases since 1969. Matt Hamilton has been resolving Lee’s Summit city offenses since 1986.We have the specialized knowledge and skill; knowing what to say, the law, and the facts to help you. We take special pride in our preparation of each case. This is not just salesmanship. We work on each case more than other lawyers.We don’t just “accept” any offer a prosecutor makes. We consider all the possibilities, your unique situation, and your needs. We use our better legal skills to craft a result that is best for you.
  2. Cost: Hamilton and Associates handles more cases in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court than other law firms. Both Joe Hamilton and Matt Hamilton have lived in Lee’s Summit for many years. Matt Hamilton graduated Lee’s Summit schools.This means we are closer to court, in court more often, and more efficient at resolving Lee’s Summit court cases than other attorneys. This reduces our cost, which allows us to reduce your cost at the same profit margin.Don’t pay extra money for a lawyer to learn how to handle traffic tickets your Lee’s Summit. Don’t pay extra for another attorney’s drive time. Benefit from our cost advantage.
  3. Success Rate: The results of Hamilton and Associates’ Lawyers are as good as or better than other law firms. We keep Lee’s Summit traffic tickets off your driving record. Lee’s Summit citations stay off of our clients’ criminal records. We save points off driver’s licenses.We avoid jail time, inconvenience, and cost. You want the odds in your favor for the best result for you. The Hamiltons put the odds in your favor.

Where is Lee’s Summit Municipal Court?

10 N.E. Tudor Road
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
Telephone #: 816/969-1150
Fax#: 816/969-1155

What is Lee’s Summit Municipal Court’s Website Address?


How to Make Lee’s Summit Municipal Court Payments Online?


What do I need for a Lee’s Summit Auto Accident?

The Lee’s Summit Prosecutor’s office will want to ensure there are no victims who have not received compensation for their damages. So, you will need either proof that insurance has paid the property damage and auto accident injuries, or a statement from the victim that they are not claiming further car accident damages.

When your Lee’s Summit car crash occurs, call your own insurance company, make a statement to them (but not the opposing persons’ insurer), file a claim, and continue to cooperate with your insurer.

At some point, your auto accident in Lee’s Summit will be resolved. You will want to get a letter from your insurance claims adjuster indicating the insurance claim has been resolved and that insurance paid. Get a copy of that letter, along with your Lee’s Summit traffic ticket, as well as the money to the Lee’s Summit Lawyer, and we will resolve your case. You will in all likelihood not need to show up for court.

Lee’s Summit Municipal Court is different than other courts in handling auto accident cases. For example, defendants twenty-five years or younger must typically complete an approved driving school before they are available to keep it off of their record. Call our law offices to find out what driving school is approved at that particular time.

Lee’s Summit Municipal Court is also different in that it looks at your criminal record, your driving record, and your case history in Lee’s Summit before the Lee’s Summit Prosecutor will recommend a plea negotiation. This means people with no criminal history likely get a more lenient result where people with a long criminal history get a more harsh result. Thus, if you ask different people who are charged with the same offense in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court, they will receive a very different result.

Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Intoxicated in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court

           Drunk driving DWI / DUI traffic tickets are misdemeanors in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court. This means the term of imprisonment is ninety (90) days or less and it is not a felony.

These DWI/DUI cases will be first or second time offenders. The vast majority should be first time offenders. You will have to complete the SATOP course. You will have to complete the Victim’s Impact Panel (VIP). There will be two (2) years of probation. The circumstances will dictate whether it is supervised probation or unsupervised probation.

You will typically be able to avoid a DWI conviction on your criminal record. Whether your driver’s license is at risk will depend upon the circumstances. Call our Lee’s Summit traffic attorney for more detailed information.

Driving While Suspended and Driving While Revoked in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court

The costs to resolve a DWS / DWR traffic ticket in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court will depend upon whether your driver’s license is reinstated at the time the case is actually resolved. To determine this, call the Missouri Department of Revenue Driver License Bureau – Points Division at 573/751-4475.

Type in on the number pad your driver’s license number, wait the 25 to 35 minutes before you reach an operator, and ask what it will take to reinstate your license.

Do what you can to have your driver’s license reinstated. First, this will reduce your risk of further expensive driving while suspended traffic tickets. Secondly, it will reduce the amount of the fine in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court. Third, it will increase the chance that Lee’s Summit Municipal Court will agree to a plea negotiation to keep this off your record.

No Insurance Traffic Tickets in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court

The amount of fine you will pay to amend a no insurance ticket in Lee’s Summit Municipal Court will depend on the circumstances. The most important circumstance is whether you have gotten present insurance.

I recommend you buy insurance even if you are not driving because the cost difference in the fine exceeds the amount that the insurance will cost. Call our law office for more details on this.