What is Lake Lotawana Municipal Court?

The Municipal Police Department of Lake Lotawana, Missouri gives out traffic tickets and criminal citations for persons violating the law within the city limits of Lake Lotawana. It is often the case defendants do not know they are in Lake Lotawana Municipal boundaries as it is a rather large, aggressive City regarding annexation, in comparison to its land mass or population.

Lake Lotawana Municipal Court handles traffic tickets such as speeding, driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, no insurance, and traffic auto accidents.

Defendants with Lake Lotawana traffic tickets must be concerned about permanent notations on their criminal record, permanent tickets on their driving record, and points off their driver’s license. You risk a jail time, fines, and court costs.

Why hire Hamilton and Associates for a Lake Lotawana Municipal Court ticket?  

    1. Cost. Hamilton & Associates is one of if not the closest law firm to Lake Lotawana Municipal Court. Defendants who are our clients receive “economics of scale.” This means we are in Lake Lotawana more frequently, handling more cases, with greater numbers than other law firms. There is no need to pay another lawyer to “learn” how to handle a Lake Lotawana Municipal traffic ticket with your money. There is no need to hire an out of town law firm to drive to and from Lake Lotawana Municipal Court. Take advantage of our efficiency which is passed along to you by lower costs.
    2. Experience. Lawyers at Hamilton & Associates have handled Lake Lotawana tickets since 1969. We have the best knowledge of the Lake Lotawana City Municipal Codes. We master the particular facts of your case. Our experience is to craft a resolution that is in your particular best interest. You will want the most experienced lawyer helping you for your Lake Lotawana case.
    3. Success Rate. We keep our client’s driving records clean. We keep convictions off of criminal records. We save points off of your driver’s license. We reduce or eliminate jail time. We save in fines and court costs. The point of hiring a lawyer is not just to have done it, but rather to obtain the result that is in your best interest. That is our focus and goal at Hamilton & Associates.

Where is Lake Lotawana Municipal Court?

Lake Lotawana Municipal Court is off of Colbern Road and MO State Highway 7 within the city limits of Lake Lotawana. It is rather unusual to get to the court as it is a difficult turn to see. We suggest you use a GPS device to find your way.

The address is as follows:

100 Lake Lotawana Drive
Lake Lotawana, MO 64086

Phone: 816/578-2298
Fax: 816/5785714

What is Lake Lotawana Municipal Court’s Website Address?

Lake Lotawana Municipal Court

City of Lake Lotawana

When is Lake Lotawana Municipal Court?

Court is open in Lake Lotawana from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Court sessions are held after closing hours starting at approximately 6:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month.

How to Resolve an Auto Accident in Lake Lotawana.

The Lake Lotawana City Prosecutor will want to see confirmation that any auto accident in Lake Lotawana has been resolved with insurance. You will want to provide us with your auto insurance. We will also want a letter from your insurance carrier indicating the traffic accident damages have been resolved through insurance. The Lake Lotawana City Prosecutor will want to see this to resolve your case.

Expect fines, court costs, and attorney’s fees. The amount of these will depend upon the severity of your Lake Lotawana auto accident. It is often not necessary for a defendant to personally appear for the court date if an attorney has been hired.

Auto accidents take a period of several months, at least, to resolve in Lake Lotawana. This is because of the delays with the insurance companies in resolving auto accident claims.

Call us for further details as each traffic accident has its own unique facts.

How do I handle a Driving While Intoxicated Charge in Lake Lotawana?

DWI and DUI charges in Lake Lotawana Municipal Court are the single most expensive and serious case brought there, in our opinion. Lake Lotawana Municipal Court does not handle felony DWI’s. However, misdemeanor DWI’s are regularly resolved there.

Expect two (2) years of probation. Expect to take the SATOP and Victim’s Impact Panel (VIP) classes. You can often avoid community service. There will be fines of several hundred dollars. You will spend a significant amount on attorney’s fees, depending upon the severity of the case and the amount work needed.

In the end, it is usually the case that the DWI in Lake Lotawana can be kept off your criminal record, kept off your driving record, and no conviction will appear on your driver’s license.

Call our attorneys for a specific analysis of your case as your facts will be unique as well as our resolution for you.

What about Speeding Tickets in Lake Lotawana Municipal Court?

Lake Lotawana Municipal Court speeding tickets have traditionally been the most expensive speeding tickets within the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Expect to pay nearly $100.00 more, on average, for a Lake Lotawana Municipal speeding ticket than other courts. The closest competitors as far as cost for speeding tickets to Lake Lotawana are Olathe, Kansas Municipal Court and Sedalia, Missouri.

Each speeding cost depends upon the driving record of the defendant as well as the speed. There are also other factors such as Construction Zone speeding tickets and speeding within a school zone.

Call us for specific information and we can get you specific costs for speeding tickets.

Our goal will naturally be to keep these off your criminal record, keep these off your driving record, and save points off your license.