Why are the Hamilton & Associates Lawyers the Best Kansas City Municipal Court attorneys?

  1. Cost. Hamilton & Associates has a price advantage as it charges equal to or less than other law firms handling Kansas City Municipal Court citations. We handle a number of these charges and can “add on” the cases such as to     give you an “economics of scale” price advantage.
  1. Experience. Hamilton & Associates’ attorneys have been handling Kansas City Municipal Court cases since 1969. No other firm can match the level of experience our attorneys have in Kansas City Municipal Court cases.
  1. Success. Our win/loss record at Hamilton & Associates, Lawyers is second to none. We regularly keep things off of your criminal record, off of your driving record, no points off your license and keep you out of jail.

What is Kansas City Municipal Court?

The City of Kansas City Police Department hands out citations for traffic, DWI, DUI, and misdemeanor offenses. The Kansas City Municipal Court typically handles matters, such as driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, speeding, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, and similar offenses. Kansas City Municipal Court does not handle matters arising from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office or Missouri State Highway Patrol. Those cases go either to Jackson County Municipal Court or the Circuit Court of Jackson County at Independence or Kansas City.

Where is Kansas City Municipal Court?

Kansas City Municipal Court is next to City Hall and caddy-corner from the Circuit Court of Jackson County at Kansas City

Directions: If you’re taking the exit off 71 Highway, (Interstate 49), take the 11th Street Exit, head west, and it will be on the South side of the road. See the attached photo for its appearance.

1101 Locust Street
Kansas City MO 64106
Telephone#: 816/573-2700   Fax#: 816/513-6782
Clerk’s Office Hours = 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – Monday through Friday

What is Kansas City Municipal Court’s Website Address?

Kansas City Municipal Court

Kansas City Municipal Court FAQs

Kansas City Municipal Court Ticket Info & Payments

When is Kansas City Municipal Court Held?

Kansas City Municipal Court is open for docket calls from Monday to Friday, excepting, City, State, and Federal holidays. Its dockets start at 9:00 a.m. and go through 3:30 p.m.

Each case will present its unique circumstances and we feel assured that you will have the best representation available, including the best success rate.

Call us for details.

How to “Beat” a Speeding Ticket in Kansas City Municipal Court?

Kansas City Municipal Court is one of the more expensive jurisdictions as far as fines and court costs in the Kansas City Metro area. Our attorneys do not charge more, but Kansas City Municipal Court has slightly higher fines ($20 or so), and higher court costs (around $28 more than typical).

Kansas City Municipal Court fines begin at $175.00, and then move to $225.00, and then to $275.00. Court costs start at $48.50. As one can see, these costs add up.

Additionally, fines will increase if certain factors are present:

  1. As you speed higher and higher, the fines go up. This is not done on a gradual scale but rather Kansas City Municipal Court does a “staged” scale. 1-15 MPH over is handled different than 16-20 MPH over, which is different than 21-24 MPH over, and so on.
  1. Your driving record and history (including amendments) will affect the price. The Prosecutors at Kansas City Municipal Court ask us for your driving and criminal record, often including citations that you believe have disappeared because they were amended down. Expect to spend at least $50.00 extra for each amendment you have had in the preceding eighteen (18) months. Naturally, these policies change from time to time, so call our lawyers for updates.

Do I have to personally appear for Kansas City Municipal Court?

Your appearance at Kansas City court may, or may not be necessary. If you hire Hamilton & Associates’ Law Office for a speeding ticket or similar traffic ticket, and pay the full amount up front, you should not have to appear. Our attorneys can likely appear on your behalf, pay your money into the court system, and successfully resolve your traffic ticket without you being inconvenienced.

How to Get a KC Municipal Court Continuance

If you want a continuance, you will have to plan on appearing personally. Continuances in Kansas City Municipal Court take just as much work as resolving the entire case. We at the Hamilton Law Office do not believe in wasting your money unnecessarily. If you want a continuance, do not pay $150.00 for an attorney to do it for you. Get your continuance yourself, and when you are ready to pay, pay the money into us and we will handle your case.

When Do I have to Personally Appear at KC Municipal Court?

Some types of Kansas City Municipal cases will require your personal appearance. For example:

  1. Driving while Intoxicated
  2. Driving under the Influence of Drugs
  3. Assault
  4. Domestic Violence
  5. Any Case Involving Probation. Probation cases require your personal appearance at court. This is because you will have to promise the judge to remain in compliance with the law. For example, for a DWI, you be on probation for a period of two (2) years, as well as taking the SATOP and Victim’s Impact Panel (VIP) courses.

Driving While Suspended and Driving While Revoked charges in Kansas City Municipal Court

DWS/DWR cases depend upon the circumstances. There are a number of prosecutors and a number of judges who work at the Kansas City Municipal Court. They treat different defendants differently based upon the prosecutor’s own personal experience and attitudes, the Defendant’s driving record, and the criminal record.

There is also a price and result difference depending upon the reason your license was suspended as well as whether you have gotten it reinstated. Because of the complexity, it is best to call our office and get an opinion in advance. We cannot explain the result of every possible situation on a website, especially since results change from time to time.

Driving while suspended and driving while revoked charges are expensive. They can lead to an additional suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, and even a felony conviction. These are not the types of traffic tickets one handles on their own. 

Auto Accidents in Kansas City Municipal Court

Kansas City Municipal Court car crashes are unique animals. However, they can usually be resolved without your personal appearance and kept off of your record. This depends upon the circumstances of the auto accident.

  • Was someone injured in your auto accident?
  • Did you have insurance that is covering the damages?
  • What is your driving and criminal history?

Tell us the factors and we will be able to move towards knowing what will happen in your case. There is no easy way around it and you will likely need legal representation.

Remember: Kansas City Municipal Court is a complex jurisdiction and there are no set results because of various circumstances result in different outcomes. The only way to know for certain is to contact our office and run it by one of our attorneys.

After we have had a chance to speak with the judge and the prosecuting attorney, your uncertainty can be alleviated and the case resolved. Until then, there will be some uncertainty. Consider these factors and then we will talk about the rest.