What is Jackson County Municipal Court?

Jackson County Municipal Court is a sub-division of the State of Missouri, Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, at Independence, Missouri. It is called “Division 301” and is really a State Court and not a Municipal Court. Municipal Courts are referred to as City Municipalities and Jackson County is … obviously, not a City.

If you are a defendant charged with a Jackson County Municipal Court traffic ticket, you are better off in Division 301 as the “Municipal Court,” compared to the Circuit Court. Traffic tickets can be resolved quickly and to your benefit. This of course depends on the particular type of ticket and your criminal record.

Why are Hamilton & Associates Lawyers the Best Jackson County Municipal Court Ticket Attorneys?

  • Cost
  • Success Rate
  • Professionalism


  • Criminal Record – First criminal record charges are nearly always able to be kept off your criminal record.
  • Driving Record – We can keep the mention of your traffic ticket off your driving record.
  • Points off your Driver’s License – We can almost always keep the points off your driver’s license so that you do not get suspended or revoked.
  • Insurance – With it not being on your criminal or driving record, insurance can be kept low for you thus saving you money.
  • Convenience – Typically, you will not have to show up if we are paid, we show up for you and handle your traffic ticket.


  • Money, in the short term. Fines for Jackson County Municipal Court are more when you keep the citation off your record than just pleading guilty and taking a conviction. This is a short term money savings as long term insurance will add up to much, much more than the fine savings by a guilty plea.

Who writes Jackson County Municipal Court Tickets?

The Jackson County Sheriff’s department writes tickets for Division 301, known as Jackson County Municipal Court. The Missouri State Highway Patrol sends its tickets to the Circuit Court of Jackson County at Independence (ironically, a court in the same building). The difference is that you will have a different judge, a different prosecutor, and different court staff.

What types of Citations does Jackson County Municipal Court handle?

The following charges are handled by Jackson County Municipal Court under the County Traffic Code:


Where is Jackson County Municipal Court?

308 W. Kansas, Suite 124
Independence, MO 64050
Telephone#: 816/881-1697
Fax#: 816/881-4653

Website: www.jacksongov.org
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

What is Jackson County Municipal Court’s Website Address?

Jackson County Municipal Court

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