Why are the Hamilton and Associates lawyers the best for Harrisonville Municipal Court?

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Why should I hire Hamilton and Associates for my Harrisonville Municipal Court traffic ticket?

Our lawyers have an advantage in Harrisonville Municipal Court.  They are the best attorneys for these traffic tickets for the following reasons:

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Where is Harrisonville, Missouri Municipal Court?

Harrisonville Municipal Court
300 E. Pearl Street
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Telephone#: 816/380-8903
Fax#:  816/380-8910

What is Harrisonville Municipal Court’s Website Address?

City of Harrisonville Municipal Court

Harrisonville Schedule of Fines

When is Harrisonville Municipal Court?

Harrisonville Municipal Court meets on WEDNESDAY afternoons, typically every other week.  The main court docket starts just after 5pm.  The Court Clerk’s window is open between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. MONDAY through FRIDAY.

Who is judge of Harrisonville Municipal Court?

Attorney Kevin Anderson is municipal court judge.

Who writes Harrisonville Municipal Court traffic tickets?

The municipal court in Harrisonville considers tickets written by the city police of Harrisonville, Missouri.  One should not expect a sheriff’s deputy or a highway patrol trooper to be involved with the Harrisonville Municipal Court case.

What types of cases does Harrisonville Municipal Court handle?

Harrisonville, Missouri Municipal Court resolves misdemeanors and city ordinance violations under the laws of the City of Harrisonville.  Fines typically amount up to $225.00.  There are court costs of around $25.00.  Common charges are speeding, marijuana possession, paraphernalia possession, driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, driving while suspended or revoked.

For further information on Harrisonville Municipal Court or a more specific plan as to how handle your case, call our attorneys and we will devise a specific strategy for what benefits you the most.