Farmers Insurance Settlement and Claim Lawyers

Farmers Insurance Settlement and Claim Lawyers

Serious accident injuries need the assistance of a law firm that has years of experience dealing with the Farmers Insurance Company. Farmers Insurance Company has a number of document and verification requirements that directly affect the value of your accident claim. An experienced insurance settlement law firm, such as us, will be equipped to better process and maximize the value of your Farmers Insurance claim.

Receiving money for your accident is not a gift. You are simply seeking the fair value of the damages you sustained as a result of a Farmers Insurance policyholder harming you in an accident.

Sadly, you should not expect Farmers Insurance to simply pay what you deserve. Fair value is only realized through an experienced hand advocating by your side. The bottom line is; for serious accident injuries, you will be much better off with an experienced Farmers Insurance claim and settlement attorney by your side.

About Farmers Insurance Company

Farmers Insurance was founded by John Tyler and Thomas Leavey in 1928. This Los Angeles, California based insurance company gave out policies throughout the great depression in the 1930’s and expanded east in the 1940’s and 1950’s, processing claims for Farmers Insurance claim policyholders.

In 1988, British American Tobacco Company acquired 100% of Farmers Group, Inc. Under foreign ownership, Farmers Insurance claims settlements were processed through the 1990’s with varying degrees of success and happiness.

In 1998 Farmers Group, Inc. was acquired by Zurich Financial Services. These are huge multi-national corporations specializing in maximizing profits for their own shareholders.

Do People Like Farmers Insurance?

The joke is often said among lawyers that if the name “Farm” or “State” is in the name of the insurance company, you will not be happy. Like many generalities, there is some truth to this.

There are even entire websites, such as which spell out the difficulties people have with bringing a claim, and how victims have been treated when someone with Farmers Insurance has causes an injury accident. This creates the need for a Farmers Insurance settlement lawyer who specializes in guiding the victim to full compensation for their injury.

How do I get Fair Compensation for my Farmers Insurance Claim?

Farmers Insurance settlement claims are typically made for auto accidents and home damages. Let us discuss auto accidents as an example. First, you will need to document that a Farmers Insurance policyholder was at fault. Gather the following types of information:

  1. Accident scene photographs
  2. Vehicle damage photographs
  3. The Police Report
  4. Photographs of Your Injury
  5. Your medical records from EVERY provider
  6. Your medical bills from EVERY provider
  7. Your employment records from several months before your Farmers Insurance accident to the present.
  8. An outline of the amount of time you have missed work along with your pay rate.
  9. A list of all the parts of your body that have been harmed by your Farmers accident injury and the degree of your harm.
  10. A list of the future treatment and limitations your physicians say you will have.

Gather these documents together as they will be necessary to reach maximum compensation for your Farmers Insurance settlement.

This is where our law firm can help. Getting medical records and bills can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. We have staff that specialize in medical documents. It is difficult to know which accident scene photographs will be useful. Our insurance settlement lawyers specialize in what insurance companies will find useful and needed.

Can I Handle My Farmers Insurance Claim Myself?

Usually you can handle a Farmers Insurance settlement claim alone; however, you may not get maximum value. But, if you have a small case that involves with medical bills of less than $5,000.00, no permanent injury, or property damage alone, not hiring an attorney may be recommended. Larger cases need a lawyer.

Contact Farmers Insurance at the following number: 1-800-435-7764

Farmers Insurance does not prefer physical claims being filed. Instead, the company wants your claim filed electronically. Go to and look under its claims section. Farmers Insurance, unlike other insurance claim providers, has a fairly straightforward, simple website to navigate.

Is Handling My Own Farmers Insurance Accident Claim a Mistake?

That depends. The easiest way is to contact our office and talk to a Farmers Insurance claims lawyer.