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  • We’ll deal with the insurance companies so you don’t have to.
  • We get you help to pay your medical bills.
  • We can help reduce the amount of your medical bills.
  • We’ll stop the bill collectors.
  • Get money for future medical care.
  • Get compensation for your disability and pain.
  • Get money for lost wages and property damage.
  • You’ll have legal advice for all the auto accident case issues that may arise.
  • We deal with traffic tickets and in-court issues.
  • We get medical experts to help your case.
  • You’ll have our 42+ years of experience on your side.

Dangerous Drivers

Auto Collision Orthopedic Injury LawyersCass County roads have always been hazardous.  Some drivers and negligent; others are inattentive.  Winter weather and rain can make our roads slick and lead to collisions. Now, the modern age assists neligent drivers.  People drive while texting and talk on their cellular phones.  Some driving drive while intoxicated by alcohol or under the influence of drugs.  Tired and overworked truck drivers cause many auto accidents, and where a semi tractor trailer is involved; the damage is great.  The injury auto accident attorneys at Hamilton & Associates have handled hundreds of lawsuits involving collisions right here in Cass and Johnson County, Missouri.

Railroad Accidents

Don’t forget that the railroad lines run through Harrisonville, Pleasant Hill, Belton, Raymore and Cass County’s outlying areas. Each year, Cass County experiences many railroad crissing accidents.  Sadly, many of these railroad accidents result in death.  Many people don’t know that railroad crossing accident litigation is different than a regular auto accident.  Usually only Missouri state law applies to a car crash.  When a railroad crossing is involved, Federal Laws and Regulation play a key role.  Hiring a law firm experienced in railroad accidents is key for anyone that needs compensation for their losses.

We’ll Work With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies would love for everyone to think that lawsuits from car crashes are attempts to “take someone’s home” or “take little Billy’s tuition money.”  The reality is that people don’t pay auto accident claims; insurance companies do.  This means the victim has to deal with professionals at multi-billion dollar corporations whose job is to saev money for the insurance company by paying the victim less.  This is a key benefit to retaining an injury auto accident law firm.  We know the insurance companies, their rules, regulations and the laws that govern them.  We know what to do, and not to do.  You will get more money from hiring our law firm to handle your insurance company claim than going through the hassle and stress of handling it yourself.

Auto Collision Orthopedic Injury Lawyers

We’ll Get the Evidence

The evidence showing you were not at fault and the other car was at fault will need to be gathered, even if the police report says it was the other driver’s fault.  Remember, that is “hearsay” and generally not admissible in a court.  Witness statements need to be taken.  Photographs of the scene of the collision, the vehicles involved and the injuries are necessary.  We can do this for you, and we’ll charge no fee until you collect the money you deserve.  Remember, crucial evidence is often lost in the hours and days following a automobile accident. Weather covers car tracks, witnesses forget details, even insurance companies can interfere with the process of justice.

Auto Accidents Orthopedic Injury Lawyers

Benefit From our Experience

The average victim of an auto accident has everything to gain and nothing to lose by hiring our injury auto accident law firm.  It is inconvenience, a hassle and stressful dealing with all the issues injury car crashes cause.  We do this specifically for a living.  That experience will help you immensely.

We have over forty-two years of specific experience in automobile accidents.  From simple rear-end collisions to complex accident injury and wrongful death cases involving car crashes, motorcycle and truck accidents, our law firm routinely handles all aspects of personal injury car accident litigation.

Our local experience here in Cass County and Johnson County, Missouri will also benefit you.  Remember, Johnson County and Cass County are in the same “judicial circuit” so all of the circuit judges are the same people regardless of whether the case is in Harrisonville or Warrensburg.  We know the people involved, the evidence the judges usually require.  We have the pulse of the jury during trial.  We are well versed in the constantly changing local Cass County laws and regulations relating to traffic ticket laws and automobiles.

Frequently Asked Kansas City Auto Accident Case Questions

  1. Why do I need a Cass County auto accident lawyer?  The insurance company already offered to pay my medical bills.
  2. My friend says he knows a great lawyer that handled a Belton traffic ticket for him recently.  He says that lawyer did a great job.  Should that attorney represent me in my injury auto accident case?
  3. Bill collectors are harrassing me because of all these unpaid medical bills.  What should I do?
  4. How can I afford a lawyer?
  5. Will I have to put up any money to get started?
  6. What is my injury auto accident case worth?
  7. What do I have to do?  What will my commitments be in the process?
  8. Will my car wreck claim settle with just a demand letter, or will we have to file a lawsuit or even go to trial?  How much of a choice do I have in this process?
  9. Will you speak with me before settling my personal injury case?  How much control do I have in the process?
  10. How long will it take before we go to trial?
  11. How much time do I have to make my auto accident personal injury claim?

Answers to Kansas City Auto Accident Case Questions

1. Why do I need a Cass County auto accident lawyer?  The insurance company offered to pay my medical bills.

Three Reasons:

First, a victim almost always recovers more money with a personal injury attorney than alone (even after the attorney’s fee and expenses are deducted).

Second, there are injury costs that need to be compensated other than what you owe the hospital (future medical case, disability compensation, lost wages, etc).  A personal injury lawyer can recover these for you.

Third, legal issues go hand-in-hand with car wrecks.  You’ll need legal advise and assistance with these issues.

Insurance companies do not offer money early on to victims out of the kindness of their heart.  They do it to save money.  Insurance companies are savvy and know that a personal injury auto accident attorney will look deep into the evidence in the case.  That injury attorney will demand all of the compensation the victim is entitled to, not just some of it.

Getting full compensation is not about greed.  It is about deciding who will pay for costs that are certain to occur.  In most injury car crashes, the injured victim will need medical treatment throughout their life.  Someone will have to pay for this medical treatment.  If the injured auto accident victim is wealthy, or has good insurance, the victim can pay themselves.  If the injury victim does not have full insurance and isn’t wealthy, the government will have to step in (through Medicare, Medicaid, etc) and pay the bill.  Thus, the question is: Who should pay for future medical care, (1) the insurance company for the negligent driver (2) the victim, or (3) the American taxpayer?  This is one reason why hiring an auto accident attorney to get full compensation is beneficial.

Injury auto accidents in Cass County, Missouri always cause legal problems.  Traffic tickets are a first concern.  These will either be given by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office or the local city police, putting the defendant in a place like Belton Municipal Court, Raymore Municipal Court, Harrisonville, Peculiar or the like.  When you are the victim (the person that did Not get the ticket) it is important to retain an accident attorney.  They can contact the city prosecutor and see that the person that caused the car accident officially pleads guilty in court.  That way the person (or his attorneys) cannot later claim it was your fault.  This happens a surprisingly large number of times.

If you received a traffic ticket from your Cass County auto accident, you will need an attorney.  Auto accident tickets can get your driver’s license suspended.  The tickets that won’t suspend your driver’s license will take points off of it.  Moreover, receiving a conviction on even a minor traffic ticket will often raise your insurance rates (costing you money).  Merely paying a traffic ticket will be counted as a conviction.  That will stay on your driver’s license record for the rest of your life.  It will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life.  It will not be taken off after several years (as the rumor goes).  Finally, there is the issue of jail time, a thing to be avoided where possible.

Another legal issue caused by an injury auto accident in Cass County is the medical lien.  A medical lien is a legal “encumbrance” on you and your property.  This means you will have trouble settling your injury claim without first settling with the lien holder.  Liens can also affect your credit; your ability to get a loan at a reasonable price.  Liens can also affect your ability to sell property.  It is common for a hospital that has treated an injured victim of an auto accident to place a lien on that victim’s legal claim.  This will need to be resolved by an attorney.  The auto accident injury attorneys at Hamilton & Associates can do this for you for no extra charge.

In the end, the choice of whether to hire a personal injury attorney to help you with your auto accident claim is a personal choice.  One thing you can do without any obligation is meet with one of our attorneys.  We will give you our professional opinion of what all needs to be done with your injury case, what your opinions, benefits and risks are.  Then, at least you can make an informed decision.  Call our law firm.  Get some good advice on your Cass County, MO automobile accident.

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2. My friend says he knows a great lawyer that handled a traffic ticket for him recently.  He says the lawyer did a great job.  Should that lawyer represent me in my injury auto accident case?

Should you hire a criminal defense traffic ticket attorney to handle your injury car accident case?  You can, but I’m not sure you should.  That is somewhat like hiring a foot doctor to handle a back injury.  Each went to medical school and provides physician services, but in a very different area.

Think of the opposition, the insurance company and its many lawyers.  The less money that goes to compensate you for your losses, the more money that insurance company keeps, and the better its lawyers look to their employer.  The insurance companies and their lawyers are specialists, with large budgets and great experience in handling auto accident claims.  They know all the details; their skills are sharp.

You also should have a personal injury auto accident attorney who has specialized skill and years of knowledge in this firld: injury auto accidents.  That puts you at least o na level playing field; not at a disadvantage.  Hiring the right injury law firm may even give you an advantage over the insurance company!

Traffic ticket law is a high volume business.  Each traffic ticket gives the lawyer a profit of only a few hundred dollars, so that lawyer must handle many cases to keep in business.  The less time the lawyer spends on a particular traffic ticket, the more money he makes.  Injury accident litigation is different.  It is a law volume business where each case has the potential to bring a great deal of money to the client, and thus the law firm which gets a percentage of that money.  Consequently, the more time, care and investment the auto accident attorney puts into the case, the greater the amount of money going to the client and the law firm becomes.  You will want the lawyer you choose to spend a large amount of time, care and investment in your case for your benefit.

Traffic ticket attorneys may have other problems with an injury auto accident case.  Each car wreck case is unique (unlike traffic tickets, which are all very similar).  It takes years of experience in this specific field before the personal injury attorney sees and battles through enough issues before he masters them.  The laws of evidence are different in this field.  The medical experience make a very large difference in the result of the case.  Hire a specialist for your car crash case.

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3. Bill collectors are harrassing me because of all the unpaid medical bills.  What should I do?

Do not ignore bill collectors.  They will not just “go away.”  The sooner unpaid medical bills are dealt with; the better.  Unpaid bills can harm your credit score, causing your other expenses to become even more expensive.  Harrassment from bill collectors is more than just an inconvenience and nuisance.  Eventually, a lawsuit will be brought against you.  They will seek to take your personal assets as payment for the bills.  Worse, once the lawsuit and judgment become official, it will difficult to impossible to negotiate for a lower payment.

The personal injury accident lawyers at Hamilton & Associates regularly solve the problems bill collectors present.  We will first take legal action to stop the bill collectors from harrassing you.  We will prevent judgments from being found against you.  As our auto accident case develops, we will negotiate with these bill collectors to reduce to amount claimed by them from you; you will pay less.  This can sometimes lower the bills by 50%!!!

We charge no fee for our services until we collect money for you.  Dealing with bill collectors is part of our job as your injury attorneys. You pay nothing extra for these benefits.

Last we will take care of any liens the bill collectors put against you.  This will protect your personal assets from seizure.  Our personal injury auto accident law firm can gretly benefit a car crash victim in this regard.

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4. How can I afford an experienced Cass County car accident lawyer?

You can afford a auto accident lawyer.  Our injury law firm will charge you nothing for reviewing your case.  You will pay nothing to have us analyze your case.  There is no charge to meet with us, or call us.  It is free.

You will pay nothing unless we collect money for you.  Then, you will pay a percentage of what we get for you as the fee.  This means you will always get more money out of your relationship with us than we will charge in fees.  That means your relationship with our law firm will be profitable.

Automobile accident lawyers handle personal injury cases on a “contingency fee” basis. This means that the lawyer will not charge you for his timeunless you receive a recovery of money at the end of the case.  In virtually all cases, you will not have to front any money whatsoever.  Personal injury lawyers take big financial risks trying to get you reimbursement for your losses.

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5. Will I have to put up any money to get started?

No. You will not have to pay any money for us to start your auto accident case.  you will not have to pay any money at any point in the process.  Instead, at the end of the process, we will take a percentage of the money we make for you as our fee.  Only then will we deduct our expenses.  If we don’t make you money; you pay no money.

Our law firm handles personal injury car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means there is an agreement between you and our lawyers.  It’s a simple one.  We will pay for the costs of your auto accident claim and lawsuit up front.  You don’t pay.  If we are not successful, we are out all of those costs.  Still, you will not be charged.  If we are successful in getting you a money recovery, then you will get most of the money.  We will get a smaller portion of the money.  This will be based on the percentage of our agreement.  Costs will also be deducted.

How much money will you have to pay at the end?  That depends on our agreement.  One third of the recovery is normal in easy cases, cases where a lawsuit is not filed and the matter is straightforward.  One third is not normal.  Forty percent is normal.  These are cases where the settlement process is more complex.  Is is also normal for more complex cases where more preparation time and expense is needed and in matters where a lawsuit must be filed.  Remember, you don’t front the lawsuit’s cost expense.  You have deligated that risk to our injury auto accident law firm.  In cases that are more complex and difficult, we take forty percent.  In highly complex cases that are also expensive, you take fifty percent and we take fifty percent (we do all the work.  You get half the take; we get half the take). Fifty percent would be very unusual for a personal injury car accident claim.  These amount are generally only seen in medical malpractice or product design defect cases.  You should expect a forty percent (40%) contingency fee.

In summary, you may nothing upfront for your injury auto accident case.

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6. What is my personal injury car wreck case worth?

That depends. Every case is different.  There are ways to give an estimate of the value of a particular car accident case in advance.  This is difficult analysis to make.  It takes someone with a great deal of experience with personal injury cases involving auto accidents.  It also takes someone with experience in the particular geographic area; here, namely Cass County and Johnson County, Missouri.  We can give you an estimate.

The extent of the injuries and medical bills is the first step in the analysis.  What is the amount of the medical bills you have occurred?  Regardless of other factors, a large amount of medical bills from a car wreck injury may (but not necessarily will) lead to a large value.  A small amount will mean a smaller accident case value.

The next step in the analysis is the likeability of the witnesses.  Yes, this is Highly important.  A jury will not give a large amount to a victim they do not like.  Insurance companies know this.  Insurance defense lawyers know this.  Therefore, the defense will settle a case with this in mind.  (typically, some inexperienced adjusters and attorneys do not take this into account, at their own detriment)

One must also consider the permanence of the injury.  Have you already completely recovered from your injuries or are you still suffering from disability, and pain?  Will you need medical treatment in the future?  What have your physicians said?  This can have a large effect on the value of your personal injury auto accident claim.

The location where your car accident injury occurred will affect the value of your personal injury claim.  Cass County, Missouri at Harrisonville is a more conservative place than Jackson County, Missouri.  Johnson County, Missouri at Warrensburg is even more conservative that Cass County.  The best venue in the Kansas City metropolitan area for a car accident or personal injury lawsuit is either Jackson County, Missouri at Kansas City or Independence.  The worst venue (Other than Johnson County, KS) would have to be Platte County, followed by Clay.  It is an unfortunate but very real fact that different juries in different cities will take the exact same auto accident lawsuit and give it a different value, just because of the location of the car wreck.  Your injury lawyer should be award of these differences and how to deal with them. 

One more key aspect in determining the value of a your car accident injury case is which attorney you will choose.  All attorneys that handle personal injury cases will represent they are the best auto accident attorney for you.  Naturally, not everyone can be best.  You’ll have to determine which injury is best for you and live with the choice.  There are some aspects of the personal injury law firm that you can look to to help.  First, does the firm specialize in auto accident and injury cases or do they take “whatever comes in the door?”  There is nothing wrong with the latter, but specialized experience will give your case a Distict value.  Second, do not choose a law firm that heavily advertises.  These law firms have to handle cases quickly and minimize their costs to the case’s detriment, in our opinion.  Choose a personal injury law firm that will give your car wreck case time, attention and importance.  Choose a law firm from the area where the car wreck occurred.  They will be “dialed in” to the local specifics.  Last, look for success with cases.  The best personal injury attorneys will succeed more frequently than less capable lawyers.  In short, go with skill, experience, locality and success to maximize your case’s value.

Give us a call at 816-540-2161.  We’ll talk your case over, give you our opinions, no pressure, no commitment.  Let us do the work.  We’ll let you know.

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7. What will my commitments be?  What all will I have to do in this process?

You will have to answer “interrogatories.”  These are formal legal questions given by the party that caused the auto accident to the injury victim of the car wreck.  These are questions like “who witnessed the accident?” and “what parts of your body were injured?”  Our law firm will help you with these.  Next, you’ll have to give your “deposition.”  This is where you come into our law firm.  the attorney for the insurance company will be there.  They will ask you questions about the accident and your injuries.  A court reporter will be there to take down all your answers.  Our personal injury accident attorneys will be there, literally by your side to help you in any way you need.  The “deposition” is your chance to tell your story.  Next, you’ll want to give us the names of the people you know who can best tell a jury about your accident injury and how it has affected your life and ability to function.

That is pretty much all will be expected of you once you hire your personal injury law firm. Remember, you are delegating the work to us.  Our job is to do the work, do it right, and help you in any way we can.
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8. Will my auto accident claim settle with just a demand letter, or will we have to file a lawsuit, or even go to trial?  How much of a say do I have in this?

Probably your injury case will settle prior to a lawsuit being filed.  Most cases do.  However, you should commit from the beginning of the auto accident claim process to taking your case all the way through trial.  Ironically, this is part of the “trick” to settling personal injury cases early.  Insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers can tell from experience which cases are being prepared for trial and which are not.  They know which Cass County, Missouri personal injury attorneys will take a case to trial and those who won’t (most will not).  Accordingly, it is important to settling a case early to prepare for the long-haul.

A case where the attorney lacks a strong trial reputation in the personal injury auto accident field will not settle early (not for a reasonable amount anyway).  It will be obvious that the evidence has not been gathered and the injury case is not ready.  Thus, the defendant has no incentive to settle early.

There is often the chance to settle a case early; however, the claimant will have to give up money as to the value of the case to settle it early.  Remember, just because the other side should give you the full value of your case does not mean that they will.  Imagine someone buying a car at an auto dealership.  Will they pay full sticker price?  The dealer likely thinks they should.  That will not convince the buyer to pay unless the buyer has no other choice.  So, too, insurance companies do not just give money to claimasnts, even though the injured car wreck victim thinks they should.  The auto accident attorney has to facilitate the process.

Typically, settlements occur just before the lawsuit is filed, at a mediation scheduled by the court mid-way through the process, just before trial or during trial.  This can take as long as several years.  The injured auto accident victim has little say in the process, unfortunately.  The timing of a settlement depends on many factors beyond their control.  That is why it is vital to begin the process with the end in mind, going to trial.  Then, chances are that good things will happen.

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9.Will you speak with me before settling my personal injury auto accident case?  How much control do I have in the process?

Yes.  Our personal injury attorneys will discuss your case in detail with you before ever settling your car accident claim.  We will let you know personally about every offer to settle your personal injury case.

You will have control over this process.  Specifically, it will be your choice how much to demand in settlement.  You will choose whether or not to settle or continue your auto accident personal injury lawsuit.  We are there to facilitate the process, do the work and help.

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10. How long will it take before we go to trial?

That depends.  In Cass County, Missouri, assuming that your auto accident personal injury lawsuit does go to trial, it will take about two years between the filing of the lawsuit and trial.

This long time period is a consequence of a very busy personal injury court system here in Cass County, Missouri.  Each court from Warrensburg to Independence to Harrisonville, MO will differ in the amount of time it takes to bring a case to trial.  It is possible that your court’s schedule will open up.  It is also just as likely that your court’s schedule will get busier.  The time to bring your personal injury case from the filing of suit to trial will depend on when the case is set and what court we are talking about.

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11. How much time do I have to make my personal injury claim?

You have five (5) years to make an auto accident personal injury claim under Missouri law.  this is called a statute of limitations.  Shorter time periods exist for other types of cases.  For example, a party has three years to file a wrongful death claim.

While five years is a long timer period, the fact of the matter is that the sooner the victim contacts and retains a good personal injury car accident attorney; the better off that person will be.  Evidence is perishable.  Memories fade over time, the scene of the auto accident may change.  Even injury evididence can change.  Thus, it is never too soon to contact an attorey about an auto accident.

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