RE: The Insured: Alyssa L. “Patton”

Date of Loss: January 15, 2010

Our Belton Raymore personal injury law firm represented Veronica “Neill” in her claims against an insured. Our Harrisonville personal injury auto accident victim demanded settlement in the amount of $400,000.00 or the total of the insured’s policy coverage, including any umbrella coverage, if any, to satisfy her claims against Ms. Patton and her Insurance Company.  Our best personal injury attorneys in Lees Summit at reviewed this case and agreed.  In the event that the insured’s limits were less than our demand, we gave her insurance company this opportunity to protect its insured by settling for money that will not take her personal assets.

I attached a copy of the Belton Municipal Court Police Report for your review. This Belton injury auto accident occurred on January 15, 2010 at 7:33 a.m. on Highway 7 southbound in Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri. It is a thirty-five (35) mile per hour speed zone. The insured was driving her 1994 Oldsmobile Cutless south on Highway 7 traveling at least the speed limit. The victim Veronica Neill was ahead of the insured (to the south) and was stopped in traffic waiting for a school bus to load students. There were normal traffic conditions. It was daylight, but cloudy so the sun was not in her eyes. The road was asphalt with no items to obscure her vision. The school bus also had its signal on for traffic to stop on this straight and level highway. It appears the insured simply did not see the situation and crashed her vehicle into the rear of Ms. Neill. Ms. Neill needed a Cass County Circuit Court criminal defense attorney.  She received a traffic ticket in Belton Municipal Court.

The witness at the scene, Michelle Jones, also indicated that the insured crashed her vehicle into the rear of Ms. Neill, who was stopped for the school bus and the school children.

The victim Veronica Neill’s primary injury is “whiplash” type soft tissue Belton auto accident personal injury damage to her back. Specifically, her medical treatment providers indicated personal injury to her posterior scalp, posterior neck and C-spine. They also indicated injuries to the upper portion of her face, her right scapular area, her left scapular area, lower back and the dorsum of her right hand. Specifically regarding her back, she continued to exhibit cervical radiculopathy indicative of a disc impinging upon a nerve. Her medical treatment providers through a CT scan of her cervical spine also indicated cervical kyphosis centered at the C4-C5 vertebra. Ms. Neill was exhibiting the types of disabilities, pain, and limitations one would expect for this type of Belton auto accident personal injury.

Ms. Neill hired our best Cass County Missouri personal injury attorneys to represent her.  She felt she needed a Belton auto accident lawyer and trusted our Pleasant Hill, Missouri law firm.

I enclosed copies of her medical records and bills for their review. Ms. Neill had incurred $112,748.00 in medical expenses which had not been paid for by health insurance.

Veronica Neill had $1,412.50 in employment loss. I enclosed documents signed by her various employers specifying and setting out her losses to date.

Our offer remained open until July 9, 2010. It was withdrawn and not reopened after that date. We filed suit on July 16, 2010.  We eventually received a Cass County jury verdict in our favor.  Our Belton Missouri personal injury auto accident client received the total amount of the driver’s insurance coverage plus court costs.