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About Hamilton & Associates, Lawyers

Our firm has always been one of Kansas City’s best trial law firms. Hamilton & Associates has evolved over time, like many law firms, both in the types of lawsuits it litigates, and its attorney staff. It was founded in 1969 by Joseph Hamilton as a general practice trial law firm. It stopped handling criminal defense cases in the 1970s and early 1980s while Mr. Hamilton served his terms as the elected Prosecuting Attorney of Cass County, Missouri. Most income was made through personal injury trials and wrongful death claims during this period.

In the late 1990s, the firm handled less general practice matters. Instead, it increasingly specialized in death and injury cases. More and more lawyers referred defective product cases and pharmaceutical error cases during this period because the Hamilton lawyers had developed special skills in these areas.

Our Goal

Achieving the best possible results for our clients in every case we accept is our goal. This pursuit has allowed our firm to succeed and win some of the most famous and complex cases in Missouri history. Our dedication to this goal has resulted in many multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

More specifically, firm goals include:

  • Protect the rights of the injured victim and family
  • Punish the wrongdoer
  • Deter future wrongdoers through a successful result
  • Prevent future victims through a lawsuit victory
  • Level the playing field between the insurance company and the victim

What An Injury Lawyer Does

Accidents cause major disruptions in life. An accident injury will place tremendous financial and emotional burdens on the victim and the family.

  • Should you pay out of pocket for immediate medical treatment? What will happen if you don’t?
  • Should the victim show up for work even though injured?  It can be the choice between the risk of further injury, and losing one’s job.
  • How many sacrifices will the victim’s family be forced to make to assist the now impaired victim?  This can strain relationships and cause isolation.

Our skilled injury attorneys will provide advice regarding the best course of action for these types of problems. We will help to facilitate the recovery of money and health to help our clients restore their life to as normal as possible. We will also facilitate the claim for money to ensure our clients receive full compensation for all losses incurred.

Recommendations Matter

You are faced with the challenge of weeding through various personal injury attorney advertisements to select the best firm. Recommendations are particularly useful in this task. We have well-respected adversaries who refer their own injured family members to our firm. This type of reputation reveals true law firm quality, which we recommend you use it in your search. Many of the best lawyers in the country recommend our trial law firm to their clients for injury and death claims. These types of recommendations illustrate a reputation from the attorneys in the best position to know.

Look For Proven Success

Results are the primary measure of what an injury law firm has accomplished for its clients. Many factors will change the result for a particular case. Like baseball, over time, and over many cases, the best firms will get the best and largest results. No advertisement; no claim, no representation can beat a proven track record of success.

Determine: Is Your Case A Top Priority?

Case priority is a critical issue that relates both to outcome and whether you will be satisfied with your attorney choice. Few clients have the foresight to anticipate the priority problem at the beginning of their injury claim.

Some law firms have a large staff and expensive downtown offices. Impressive, but that expense is ultimately paid for by profits from cases. The larger the expense, the more cases a firm must handle to pay for those cases, all other factors being equal.

We have seen other law firms settle cases settle for much less than their potential value because that law firm has too attorneys working on too many cases. These manpower issues presents itself in a lack of preparation for trial. It can even cause liens to be ignored. A law firm with many attorneys can sound like a good thing; however, the issue is really a lawyer to case load ratio issue. Ironically, a law firm with too-few attorneys can be equally bad. As the saying goes, “a Jack of All Trades is Master of None.” So, too, a solo practitioner can get isolated, trying to do too much, to his client’s dismay. There is no easy clear answer to the law firm size to case priority issue. You will have to dig down and see the truth of the situation for yourself.

We have seen other law firms ignore cases when the issues presented are new, novel, or too complex for the attorney. Thus, the lack of skill, experience and success can bleed into a case being ignored. A potential client should evaluate each law firm for these issues before hiring time.

Free Consultations

All consultations are free for personal injury cases. You will pay no fees until we successfully resolve your case.

What Makes Hamilton & Associates Different?

We are one of America’s best personal injury law firms. Our trial attorneys have represented victims since our founding in 1969. Our lawyers have helped thousands of clients obtain justice for their accident losses.

Our award winning law firm has the following advantages:

COST – If we do not win a monetary award for our client, we charge nothing for our services.

EXPERIENCE – We have been top jury trial lawyers since 1969.  Our experience focuses on the skills and knowledge of particular types of injury cases.  You want an attorney who is among the best experienced in your particular type of case.

HONESTY – We tell it like it is.  We are with you from the start to the finish.  Choose us for our reliability and trust.

SUCCESS RATE – We take fewer cases, spend more time on them, which translate to better work done increasing your success.

REPUTATION – Independent rating agencies consistently rate our law firm as among the top tier of attorneys in the nation.  Lawyers have voted Matt Hamilton President of the Bar Association.  Joe Hamilton served as head County Prosecutor for a decade.  We have won award, after award for injury trial law achievement.

We provide high-quality legal representation to people who may have limited or no financial resources to devote to the cost of litigation.